Rasika Krishna

Rasika is an Associate Director, Information Architect, and Digital Strategist at APCO Worldwide’s Brussels office. Rasika has 10 years of communications consulting experience, with a focus on user experience, consumer psychology, and digital media. At APCO, Rasika works with clients to develop online strategies – addressing product, brand, marketing, content, social media, information architecture and overall user experience. Rasika has applied her expertise in a variety of industries, including government, consumer products, health care, transportation and financial services; and has lived across the globe, bringing international perspectives in all projects she undertakes.

Rasika has extensive knowledge of online best practices and implements high-performing strategies to ensure users have a high-quality, intuitive experience each time they interact online. Rasika uses a rigorous, multivariate research-based approach to online communication. At the core, she is passionate about delivering compelling online user experiences that fulfill consumer goals and align with the client’s key business drivers.

Rasika has a Master of Science in Social Psychology, Media and Communication from the London School of Economics (LSE) and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Communication and Cultural Studies from Bishop’s University in Canada.

In her spare time, Rasika is a music junkie, avid snowboarder, and globetrotter.